Thursday, 18 July 2013

Africa's education issue

Education is expensive in Africa - everybody knows it. The reason is very clear. Africans don't value education.

White men set education as priority because they see it as a core thing for both man and nation. Check our scale of preference as a continent, Africa; you will see that education is at the bottom. Our leaders here in Africa, especially the Nigerian leaders, don't seem to know the value of education.

That is why it is costly and so, people are ignorant and devalued because they cannot afford education in Africa. All the same, ignorance is a thing of mind and success is all about determination.

If you make up your mind to become learned, the Lord will make a way because heaven is always willing to help those who help themselves. It all depends on your mindset. Man looks at outward appearance but God searches the heart. He sees the heart and equally knows the mind that is bent to succeed in life. Nature requires man to be dauntless and heaven cannot help when man is lazy and pretentious.

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