Thursday, 18 July 2013

“Are We Getting Married Or Not?” Angelina Jolie Gets Worried


Yup! Mother of six is wondering if all her kids will truly remain to be out of wedlock. What is holding Brad back?
It’s the season for weddings in Hollywood and celebs are not smiling! But this one has truly been a long time coming! We almost thinking that Angie’s dream of walking down the aisle in white would never come true. I mean, after being together for so many years, adopting children here and there and having twins together, they are finally tying the  knot?
Both - Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie –  had previously denied being engaged or worrying about a wedding. But for how long were they to stay as just ‘friends making babies‘? and just for some reminding, Angie is getting old. Hold on! maybe they are patiently waiting for Jennifer Aniston (Brad’s Ex, he dumped for Jolie) to find a man, so their guilt of ruining her life will come to an end?
Well, Brad is setting the record straight this time by doing it at his pace but in a grand style. Brangelinaare planning on renting a ship worth a whopping $500,000 to host their guests on their wedding day. The Hebridean Princess is the same ship The Queen of England charters herself!  Close sources confirm that its indeed happening soon! Hence Angie can now have a peace of mind.
So now, who do you think will make the guest list?

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