Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dear LIB men, do straight men watch gay porn?

From a male LIB reader
Dear Linda, this is not a question for all your readers, just the male readers. I need their sincere opinion on something because I have been crazily confused since I saw it. While using my younger brother's laptop a few days ago, I found gay porn movies saved on his computer. He hid the movies in a 'work folder' which no one's really supposed to find and I promise I wasn't snooping, I just accidentally found it. I'm very homophobic so this is giving me nightmares. I've tried to convince myself that there's a reasonable explanation for these movies being on his laptop but no explanation I come up with makes any sense to me. Is it possible that he's watching these movies out of curiosity? Some people can be into that kind of shit and not be gay, right? Also is it possible someone else put the movies on his laptop and he's not aware? My bro can't be gay. He's had a lot of girlfriends over the years that I know of so what is this shit I saw on his laptop? I'm thinking of confronting him but how do you ask your brother about something like this?

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