Wednesday, 17 July 2013

women as leaders in an organisation

Women leaders consistently rate higher than men as managers of people but are consistently rated lower in the area of strategic acumen. Although strategic acumen must be exercised on a daily basis, one organizational ritual presents the perfect opportunity for honing and demonstrating these skills -- the annual planning process. 

 You begin by assessing the business environment and your organization's response to it in order to determine how your current department/function/business must change to respond to it. This is the opposite of most organizations' "inside-out" process of making incremental changes to current operations based on last year's results.
You can develop and strengthen the skills needed to plan like a CEO as you lead from any level in the organization.

Soft eyes are what drive the outside-in dynamic of strategic acumen. If you have soft eyes, you have the ability to be alert for events and trends in the larger business environment and to discriminate between those that are high-impact and those that are not. Like the ripples caused by a pebble tossed into a lake, events in the larger business environment will impact your organization.

Being able to discern, from an infinite number, those events and trends that will have the greatest impact on your organization is essential. A woman leader with soft eyes will be able to "register" a bomb explosion on a train in Spain, the strength of the Euro against the dollar, and the trend to offshore white-collar jobs. From these she will be able to determine which have the highest potential for impacting her customers, her suppliers, her competitors, and her organization.Kings Communications

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