Monday, 12 August 2013

Go Back Home – Actor Jide Okosoko Supports Igbo Deportation From Lagos


Actor and Lagos Prince, Jide Kosoko has lend his voice to the ongoing xenophobia exhibited by Governor Babatunde Fashola when he deported 72 Igbo indigenes to Anambra State, by coming out in support of the move and telling the Igbo people to go back to their homelands instead of becoming irritants in Lagos. The one-time politician and President of Association of Nigerian Theater Art Practitioners, ANTP, said; “I disagree with the people criticizing the deportation. There are reasons for everything. Since there have been negotiations between Lagos and the state concerned and the government believes their home state would take better care of them, I think the action was appropriate. We don’t need to shy away from the fact that Lagos is over-populated because of its commercial advantage. Anybody doing a legitimate work here is entitled to stay but a situation where they are turning themselves to a nuisance in the state and they would go as far as inviting others to come, is not acceptable,” the actor stated. You have heard from the Prince, so, to your tents, oh non indigenes of Lagos!