Thursday, 29 August 2013

SAD: 28-year-old man allegedly blinded by police

Life has been hard for Chinonso Ozoemena, a 28 year old man who was allegedly shot in the eye by a supposedly drunk police  officer.
The police corporal, Mohammed Abubakar, allegedly assaulted and shot Chinonso in an event that subsequently blinded him. The incident occurred on Monday the 5th of August, 2013.
Full report below:
When Ozoemena closed from work on August 5, he had no inkling what fate had in store for him. After battling the usual traffic snarl along the Mile 2/Badagry Expressway, his simple thought was to get home and rest in preparation for the next day’s work.
But as he was approaching his residence at Diamond Estate, FESTAC Town on that fateful day, he saw a crowd trying to disperse an alleged drunken policeman, one Corporal Mohammed Abubakar allegedly attached to Ashaka Security Company Limited (ASCON), Diamond Estate, FESTAC Town, who had engaged a civilian in a brawl.
Narrating the chain of events that led to his partial blindness, Ozoemema said, “People were begging the policeman to stop as he was drunk. He left and we all breathed a sigh of relief but the next thing we knew was that he came back with a gun. He started shooting sporadically and indiscriminately and one of the bullets hit my right eye.”
John Bright, a barber who was on location when the incident happened was not so lucky. The bullet from the drunken policeman hit him and he died. Ozoemena confirmed Bright’s death saying,”one of the people that died in when the policeman fired the shot was John Bright, a barber in the neighbourhood. Some others were also fatally injured in that gun fire.

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