Friday, 9 August 2013

Sad news: Bodies of 2 children found dumped in a fish pond in Bauchi

The bodies of two children, between ages three and four, were found in a fish pond near Railway Quarters in Bauchi metropolis of Bauchi State.
Though there were different reports on how the little children died, they were said to have been dumped in the pond by some individuals who came in a commercial tricycle commonly known as ’Keke Napep’. 
According to sources, it was gathered that, one of the children was said to be alive initially but died before anyone could come to their rescue while the other one who became unconscious was rushed to AbubakarTafawaBalewa Teaching Hospital Bauchi where he later died.
Leadership reports:
According to some villagers who were working in a farm close to the fish pond, two women alighted from a Keke NAPEP to dump the victims in the fish pond.
“The man who rode the Keke NAPEP did not come down; he remained on board while the two women carried out the act. Immediately the two women came down from the Keke NAPEP, they threw something inside the fish pond and hurriedly entered the Keke NAPEP and left. Before we could get to the fish pond, the perpetrators had left. We got there to see two little children struggling for life. But before we could help them, they had given up the ghost,” they narrated.
When contacted, the spokesman of the Bauchi State Police Command, ASP Hassan Muhammad Auyo, said he was not aware of the incident, but promised to get back to our correspondent if he got any information.


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