Monday, 7 October 2013

Handing over of Power to Private Firm-Critics not Satisfied Yet with FG efforts

Handing over of licences to the negenerating and distributing companies(GENCOs adn DISCOs) by President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, September 30, 2013 is considered to be an action whish was not only an end of the PHCN privatisation process but also the beginning of a season of hope for Nigerians who have imagined the possibilities of uninterrupted power supply and it happened in their life time.
There are lot of advantages of regular and adequate power supply, it will boost the establishment of industries across the country, things will become cheaper due to reduction in transportation, there will be more employment for the horde of unemployed youths in the country, a greater level of self reliance which will give the country greater bargaining power in international trade, and assumption of better roles in the international division of labour. We will no longer be seen as a people only good enough for provision of raw materials. Calls, Sms, and data rates will also have to be slashed as the telecommunications companies will no longer have to run on diesel all day everyday.
This privatisation has been considered not not to be enough, when there are roads that had killed hundreds of people in ths country, like the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.
Some critics have not seen anything done by this present government. To them nothing is done to satisfy them. 
This is the anatomy of the Nigerian critic. He is headed to doom who waits for the approval of this critics before embarking on a project.

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