Monday, 18 November 2013

Mr Jiomh Ibrahim's Tax Fraud

Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim was picked in Abuja on the afternoon of November 18, 2013, Monday, and is currently under detention at the offices of the agency.

Mr. Ibrahim has been allegedly evading agents of the unit for some time, but he was eventually caught in his hotel room at NICON LuxuryHotel.

The suspect emerged into national prominence under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, where he was frequently described as an insurance magnate after a questionable sale of the state owned NICON insurance company to Mr. Ibrahim.

He subsequently became a player in the media industry through the controversial purchase of Newswatch magazine and also as a proprietor of Air Nigeria. An airline closed down last year due to safety concerns and Ibrahim’s inability to meet financial obligations to staff, lessors and maintenance engineers and aircraft parts suppliers.

After Mr. Ibrahim’s purchase of Newswatch, the original directors, including Ray Ekpu, accused Mr. 

Ibrahim of hijacking Newswatch without meeting the terms of acquisition as a majority stakeholder.

His troubles in aviation sector came to light when the airline’s extensive violation of maintenance standards and financial fraud were disclosed. In addition to it, Aersale an aircraft lease company, sued him in New 

York court seeking a huge payment representing Air Nigeria unpaid obligations under the term of the lease.

Mr.Ibrahim is known to have extensive political connection with former President Obasanjo as well top players from Goodluck Jonathan’s team.

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