Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Easy Way To The Top Application Of Right Principles: Way To The Top

To become a success in life is not much of hard work but the application of the right principles. The successful people are not the most energetic but those that indulge more in mental assertion to achieving their objectives.

The scripture has a place for this assertion as it is evident in the life of David who was not much of a saint in the eyes of the public of those days because of his penchant for women and the likes but God did not see him the way men saw him when God referred to David as the man after His heart. David had a key which God could not resist, that is the key of quick and deep repentance from sin plus the key of praise and worship.

To become great does not require great things but great commitment to the ideals of greatness. Likewise to navigate the ship of an organization to greater height in life requires the application of the necessary principles that will help to achieve the desired results in such areas of endeavor.

Sometimes attitude, dispositions, character are some of the factors that determine how far a person can go in life in terms of career, education and what have you.

Wherever you find yourself, it is always a spring board to project you to where you are destined to be only if you are vigilant and patient enough to put on the toga of right mentality as your guide.

The above are not the total ingredients of success, a little of spiritual exercise will enhance its easy birth and sustenance. However, in any circle or field of endeavor, where one finds himself, to grow is not much of a mystery only if you identify and tow the path of the principles of success.

To be successful, you must enjoy your responsibilities. You have to love being a leader not for the sake of power but for the meaningful and purposeful impact you can create; you have to use your ability to save others and this cannot be accomplished except you genuinely enjoy what you do.

Success in life as it were, especially in your career, you have to properly allocate and deploy talent because your talent pool and how to use it, is germane to your success.

For any meaningful success to be recorded, positive energy and attitude should be created at workplace. You must know how to set the tone to bring an attitude that motivates others to take action and as such, you become likeable, respected and strong willed.

Always associate yourself with lifters and other leaders. Share the harvest of your success t to help build momentum for those around you.

It is important as well that you make decisions ad must help facilitate the dialogue to empower your colleagues to reach a strategic conclusion or you do it yourself. Focus on making things happen at all times.
A success-minded person is never a taciturn; you must be a great communicator especially in terms of performance expectation. Be mindful not to be garrulous in the course of communicating.

If all these precepts are strictly adhered to in the course of carrying out your assignment, you are surely climbing the ladder of success with ease and assurance that your feet will never slip. But how much of all these is put into consideration in planning the future of this country?

In a nutshell, the maritime prospect in Nigeria is dwindling as the rights things are not done leaving the sector in a state of uncertainty.

No tact seems to be employed in the running of the sector; rules are made but are never followed, committees have taken over the genuine intentions of doing things. More so, the committees have never proffered a pragmatic way out of the problems in the ports. In fact, the implementation of the recommendations of the committees is often short-lived.


  1. With hard work and commitment it is sure to get to the top